Training at Jules Nyssen Dressage

Jules believes in tailoring his training method to each individual horse that he rides, based on that horse’s personality and temperament. This systematic approach to training has been rewarded in the show ring, with numerous wins at such prestigious events as Palm Beach, Devon, Raleigh, and the Dressage Festival of Champions, as well as numerous BLM Championships.  Jules also received the award for Rider of the Year at FEI Levels in Region 1.

His training system is simple and easy to understand for both horses and riders. “Riding shouldn’t be complicated,” he insists, “if a training method is so difficult that a rider cannot understand it, the horse certainly can’t.” While Jules is demanding of his horses and students, he gives them the tools they need to succeed. His approach is carefully balanced with constructive suggestions that are easy to execute. He pushes both his horses and students to be their best but is careful to be fair. Jules is adamant that the training of each horse and rider should be carefully tailored and appropriate for their age, temperament, level of fitness, and inherent talent. “You have to be careful to ask only what the horse or rider is capable of giving,” he explains, “and you must be clear and consistent in the way you ask.”

His students, also a variety ranging from timid beginners to Olympians, demonstrate the value of this perspective. “So many trainers tell their students what they are doing wrong but cannot tell them how to do it right” explains one of his students. Jules’ step-by-step instruction is balanced by encouraging his riders to be “creative within the system”. “He expects a lot of us but provides very clear directions to meeting those expectations. We know that when we go into the show ring, we are ready!"

Below are some of the current and past "happy horses" that Jules has created in his training program. Many of them now are at home with amateurs, where they are creating "happy riders!"



A Dutch WB by Flemingh, Rambo was imported as a four-year-old and successfully trained to Grand Prix before being sold back to Europe.



18.2 hand Dutch WB. Won Lundquist finals at PSG, won the CDI in Raleigh, and won the small tour at Dressage at Devon.


Figo IV

A Liver chestnut Rhinelander, "Fred" was imported as a green broke youngster and was trained through I-1. He is now successfully competing with his amateur owner in Canada.


Good Times

Started as a four-year-old, Good Times competed in his first Grand Prix at the age of eight. After competing at Grand Prix, he was sold to an amateur, and is now competing successfully in the small tour.



A Dutch WB by Amor, Chaucer was started by Jules as a five-year-old and trained to Grand Prix. Most of his success came in the small tour, notably Dressage at Devon and Festival of Champions in Gladstone. Chaucer competed in his last I-2 at the age of 20, and is now happily retired.



A 17 hand Dutch WB mare owned by Diana Dodge, Jardhu was trained to Prix St. Georges with numerous wins and championships at Fourth Level at Devon.


Ibn Saud

A 17 hand Oldenburg stallion, Ibn won up to the small tour, including the Lundquist at Third Level.



Won from First Level through the small tour. Masterpiece was later competed by Button Baker and became Grand Prix Horse of the Year in California.



Qualified for the Dutch team for Barcelona, competed at Rolex and finished second at the Essex Three Day Event.


Wonderful Walden

Seen here at his first horse show as a six-year-old, Walden went on to be a Bronze medalist at the Pan-Am Games with Betsy Rebar-Sell.


José Cuervo

A 16.2 hand Appaloosa/Thoroughbred cross, José began his career with Jules as a four-year-old. He won through the levels in every test he ever entered, even into the small tour where he won 90% of the classes he entered, including the Prix St. Georges in Palm Beach against 125 horses.


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